Amwell View School, Stanstead Abbots

Having successfully completed a number of projects in the school, the school architect designed a scheme to improve the front entrance and lobby.  The result is a completely remodelled front lobby with light and spacious areas. A new decorative screen was erected to the front of the school to lead you up to the new entrance.  Being a school for special needs children, it was imperative to work around the school timetable especially at the beginning and end of their day.

The successful completion of the front entrance allowed us to negotiate the next project on the site, a new dance studio.

This studio was in a courtyard surrounded on three sides by the existing school. This meant that the works had to be carried out with consideration to the proximity of the classrooms and teaching areas.  The building had a full air conditioning and heat recovery system, drawing the heat out of the dance studio and redistributing around the rest of the building.

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